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Our Criminal Lawyers Panama are specialists and masters with extensive experience in the field of Criminal Law, have served in public positions of great relevance, and therefore, can offer the legal advice need in solving any matter related to Criminal Law.

Abogados penalistas Panamá

Who are criminal lawyers?

A criminal lawyer is a specialized professional who defends or represents people or companies that have been accused or are victims of the alleged commission of a crime. This defense is carried out before the judicial instances (courts and tribunals) or through alternative means of conflicts resolution.

Our criminal Lawyers in Panama in their duty fulfill important roles as interviewers, investigators, analysts, evidence analysts, creators of case strategies, negotiators, advisors and of course defenders.

At José María Castillo y Asociados we are experts in the interpretation and application of the set of rules of Criminal Law issued by the Panamanian State in Courts and Tribunals in Panama.

Criminal Lawyers Panama

How can we Help you?

  • Defense or prosecution by our Criminal Lawyers in any type of crime or misdemeanor.
  • Defense and representation in criminal hearings and trials.
  • Defense in criminal cases of minors.
  • Assistance and legal advice to the detainee before the Police and in Court.
  • Filing complaints and lawsuits.
  • Judicial agreements of collaboration with justice.
  • Advice and accompaniment to judicial and extrajudicial statements.
  • Management of the relationship with the media to protect the image, honor and good name of our clients.
  • Representation in the preparation of damages and obtaining compensation for damages caused by false accusation or as a victim of crime.
  • Filing of Habeas Corpus in case of illegal detention request for parole or substitution of sentence.
  • Preventive legal advice to companies and individuals to mitigate the risk of committing any crime or avoid being a victim of any crime.

Need a consultation?

How much, How and When we can help You?

Is understandable that you are worried about the amount you will have to pay to our criminal lawyers for your consultation of legal advice in criminal matters. Also, may have doubts about when and how to choose your criminal lawyer. However, you should not have that feeling for several reasons. Follow the steps to be attended by our experts and leave your concerns in the right hands:

Solicite su cita con su Abogado Penalista Panamá

2. Attend the appointment with your Criminal Lawyer Panama

In the appointment one of our criminal lawyer Panama will be in charge of listening you carefully, will study your case and advise about the possibilities regarding the lawsuit, action you wish to file or your defense before any court. In the same way, also let you know from the first moment how much you will have to pay for the process or any management for the defense of your rights.

Bring all supporting documents to the appointment, mention all the facts you consider relevant and be open to answer questions with the peace of mind of our promise of absolute confidentially and professional secrecy.

The lawyer will make a proposal based on the alternatives and the form of payment of fees.

3. Acepte la propuesta y su abogado penalista iniciará la ejecución del plan propuesto.
¿Cuánto, cómo y cuándo le podemos ayudar?

1. Request your appointment with your Criminal Lawyer Panama.

First of all, you may schedule your appointment with an expert criminal lawyer through any of the following channels:

Contact module on the web page.
– Telephone (+507) 66730435 or (+507) 66718859
– Email: contacto@jmcyasociados.com

It is important that in this first contact briefly describe your case and your needs, in order to assign the most suitable lawyer for your legal advice.

The consultation fee will depend on the complexity of the case and our guarantee is the high quality of care, honesty in the expectations of your case and the approach of relevant and innovative alternatives.

Asista a la cita con su Abogado penalista Panamá

3. Accept the proposal and your criminal lawyer will initiate the execution of the proposed plan

Once the proposal has been analyzed and accepted by the client, our criminal lawyers Panama, who are highly qualified and deal each case in a personalized way, will initiate the actions that lead to the success of your case.

This is the only way to guarantee your satisfaction when facing your criminal proceedings in Panama.

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Our specialized lawyers in organized crime in Panama have extensive experience in defending clients who are under investigation or charged with organized crime or economic crimes. Consequently, our in-depth knowledge of litigation allows us to give advice that is not only theoretically correct but that contemplates all the practical obstacles that clients face in everyday business or criminal proceedings.

Through our work we have successfully obtained the filing of organized crime charges for the evolution of assets seized as part of investigations with the respective restoration of rights. We have also advised clients to take proactive measures that have prevented potentially costly litigation.